Company Background

Sungen Energy Management Co., Ltd. (SEM) is a subsidiary of Sungen Energy International Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) (SGE), a vertically global solar project investor and developer with extensive experience from land and permit development to project operation and maintenance.

Having developed and operated many projects, SGE sees the importance of effective operation and maintenance system which makes all the works during the development and construction process reach their full potential and thus, decided to spin off its business to O&M with the first office established in Japan under the name S.E.M. Co., Ltd.

With its first market in Japan, SEM has developed the O&M product that integrates regular plant operation and maintenance with financial risk management, protecting the plant from both controllable and uncontrollable risks, ensuring the highest possible income of the projects and leave the project owners worry-free.

After Japan, SGE decided to expand its O&M business by setting up Sungen Energy Management Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong as the head office to lead and take care of the current business as well as to expand the business to Taiwan. With this new milestone achievement, SGE is confident in delivering the O&M products that minimize risks and make the projects reach the highest performance possible.

Beliefs and Core Values


SEM believes in good and life-time partnership. With good management and maintenance, solar projects can last for at least 20 years. However, certain works have to be done in order to have the projects run with the highest possible performance and income. SEM will be the investor’s best partner in every process including monitoring, operating, and maintaining to make sure that project owners can sit back and enjoy the flow of income.


SEM believes in people's potentials and hard works. That’s why we believe that all solar projects were designed to reach the maximum production possible for the best return. As a result, with good management and technology implementation, SEM can make the projects reach their highest potential and protect them from any possible risks that will stop them from reaching such goals. With our extensive experience and knowhow, we can help enhancing the project performance and guarantee the project income. Make what is best to be better.


Localization is always the key to SEM’s business. With limited daily operation time, each hour of operation interruption means significant loss of income for the solar projects. SEM developed local teams in each area to minimize such loss through faster services. The owners will have less loss of income at cheaper price. Apart from this, we can also share the returns with the communities via engaging with the local contractors.